Fresh Heat – Lil Waah (Swizz Beatz’ Cousin) – “On My Arm”

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Lil Waah comes from hip-hop royalty and he is being mentored by his cousin Swizz Beatz, who is apparently very involved with Lil Waah’s upcoming project. Armed with over 2 million Twitter followers from Swizz Beatz, Lil Waah is set to push “On My Arm,” which embodies the elements of a new teen pop-star, energetic with a smooth playful flow it verifies why Lil Waah is not only Ruff Ryders next superstar; but the face of Hip-Hop’s next generation.

After all, Lil Waah was born into a “Hip-Hop Royal Family” with a serious pedigree, which includes his father (Waah Dean), his uncle (Dee Dean) and his aunt (Chivon Dean) all co-founders of the Ruff Ryders enterprise of companies and all played integral roles in launching the careers of DMX, The Lox, Eve, Swizz Beatz, Cassidy and solo releases from all three members of The Lox. At its pinnacle, Ruff Ryders…

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Malcolm Jamal Warner Joins ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ For Its Final Season

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It’s time for Jax Teller to take his last ride and it looks like Malcolm Jamal-Warner will be along for the journey. The seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy, the bloody saga loosely based on the Shakespearean saga of Hamlet is coming to FX on September 9.

The show, created by Kurt Sutter and starring Charlie Hunman as the leader of the California motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy, is known for its devoted cult following as well as its weekly body count.

Warner is expected to play one of the Grim Bastards, a Black motorcycle club that is allied with the Sons.

Through the series’ 6 seasons, there have been several Black characters, including Grim Bastards leader T.O. Cross, played by Michael Beach, Lt. Eli Roosevelt, played by Soul Food actor Rockmund Dunbar (now on The Mentalist), David Pope, played by Harold Perrineau (Oz)

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